The unsaid apology.

You meet new people, you get excited, you become friends, you laugh together, you share secrets, you reveal them your vulnerable side, you cry in front of them, you dream of spending time together, you dream of happiness…..

Then all of it recedes, you miss them, you wish you could go back, you don’t know how to start a conversation, you don’t apologize, you aren’t ready to accept an unsaid apology, you aren’t sure anymore, you try to breathe in the truth, you try different things to move on, in the process you meet new people, you get excited and you make friends without realizing that you are now again at the beginning of this note!




clicked during my trip to Phulbani

Grab my hand, hold it real tight.


Let’s disappear in this vast land,

Don’t worry, trust me.

We don’t have to live like anyone,

We will live like us, the Real Us.

Let’s promise to love our lives…

We will make sure to keep our promises, each single one with every bit of it.

Let’s live forever till our little infinity fills our hearts with all the love it could contain,

Let’s live until love outreaches our existence.

Numbered are your days.

Numbered are your days

thou shall remember whenever you seeketh revenge,

Numbered are your days

Be the hand that giveth happiness

whenever someone asketh for it,

Numbered are your days

Chase thou dreams

till you sleep the most peaceful sleep,

Numbered are your days

Be thy magnificient self

Love thy inner self,

Numbered are your days

Help thy people

Coz thou not know how many number thy people days are.

Numbered are the days.


Lying on the grass in this deceitful night,

Under the sky bleeding with hopeful stars,

In an attempt to escape from my harrowing loneliness,

I start to draw joining the stars.

I draw circles, squares, umbrellas, buildings, candies, hats, bells, smiles and on and on…

As the moment within the “parenthesis” passes,

A very dear face pops up in the dark canvas of sky,

Blurring my shapes, setting them aside.

Once again I am incarcerated in the pain,

“My loved one I miss you”, I cry.

Every drop of my blood races to heal my aching heart,

And instructs my mind to run from the memories of the dead.

As I run, My parenthesis starts again and I go on drawing playing into the night……….

A letter to self on this New Year.

Dear Me,

Let it be different this time. Don’t just roll on the scales of life forgetting how to be an artist, An Artist at life. May all those years that you spent surviving in this body be worthwhile. Go back in time, go up in time, keep moving but don’t get stuck in the wrong moments. Wrong moments suck the breath out of your entire existence. Choose wisely whether you want small meaningless happy moments that won’t even kick through your nerves or you want the long meaningful happy moments that pull the chord of your soul.


Run, grab yourself, push through, this can be the best chance you get. Don’t you just sit there staring blankly at the New Year poster and try to plan out everything, plans never work. We plan for things that we don’t wanna do and we act for things that we wanna do. So act ‘coz you can’t lose it, not right now where time slips through your fingers like water.

I hope you remember I always have been in love with you.

Best wishes.