We deserve to be loved.

She said, “You should stop being so amazing, so perfect everyday, everytime”. He was puzzled. Just a moment ago they were fighting. She was upset with him. He did not know the reason though, but this sudden appreciation came out of nowhere. He tried reading her face but she had moved her back to him, it seemed as though she was trying to hide herself. He pestered her to just let it out. He tried to make her comfortable but then she again grew uneasy, she thrust his hand and tried walking away. Just then he shouted, “What have I ever done to you? Why are you like that?”.  She stopped, paused for a moment. She mustered all her courage and shouted,  “I fear losing you. I fear that this is just a dream. I am going crazy in love with you everyday, every moment. I just want to be yours. I have lived a worse life, people have faked everything. Now that you are so perfect to me, I fear it will turn into reality and the reality will be worst as it always has been. I know I don’t deserve you but I don’t wanna lose you!”

And then she cried her heart out, he did not mutter a word. He was confused.
He went near her, hugged her and tried to speak. So he said,”I never thought of losing you. Whenever I pictured myself in future you were always there, in every godamn picture. I know your past hurts you but I am not your past, I am your present and future. I never knew loving someone like this and I always wanted to just be with you, love you. If you think it’s a dream, then be it. Let’s live our dream together, we shall never wake up to reality. I’ll be yours and you be mine. Just be mine.”
They kissed. He turned back on his way to the kitchen and said,”I always thought I never deserved a lady like you, now that I know you too feel the same, may be we don’t deserve each other but we deserve this love “.


8 thoughts on “We deserve to be loved.

  1. Bhanu .. You know, a writers achievement is notified when the fellow readers feel as if the scene is going in front of their eyes and it leaves an impact on them.
    Such an achiever YOU are.
    Excel in each and every field where u step in.. Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

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