The Artsy Girl

PhotoGrid_1455098479294She is a tornado, trust me ‘coz she can’t be chained.
Like the thoughts in your mind, Her soul wanders every where.
She will be racing the time, climbing every obstacle. Making it big.

She will break down to the point of hopelessness,
And just when you are about to grin at her weakness,
Gathering herself from a pile of nothing, She will create everything around her.

A lover of art, she is a wild lover.
Once you feel it, her soul, you can’t help but to make it a part of you.
She will leave her impression on you like skin on the meat, loving you in every artistic way possible.
And then you will never be able to forgive yourself to have encountered such love ‘coz you know you can never find it again,
She is a risk ‘coz she is an addiction.


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