To whomsoever it may concern!

One of the quotes which gave me hope!

Here’s my shoulder dear, come sit beside me. Let’s sit here and while the chaos in our head slowly resides, let me tell you something. Something which I learnt over the years, something which I think is important for you to know. Never give those few mishaps in your life the privilege of making your world go down. The people who let you down, leave them behind and run towards your life, grab it for yourself.
Yeah, I know it was you who went through it, I can never feel what you felt but believe me when I say I am here.It’s not how they made it look, the world is much better a place and much vast a space to put yourself as a strong, bold character. May be in italics too πŸ˜‰
So, Start loving yourself and don’t let someone else’s action define you. Be your base, you always had the capability to change the world. Start recognizing yourself ‘coz then, and only then will you see how other’s life around you starts shining, all ‘coz of you. Remember it’s your world, it’s your gift.
Do not let anyone else open it for you.

P. S. – At any given point there is atleast one person who loves you more than you can imagine. So never give up on yourself.


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