Someday I will see you.
I know you are out there because the day when I thought I am complete and I do not need someone to take me into their arms, I tried fixing myself but I couldn’t till now.
Someday when you will be here. We will sit together through the night. I will tell you how lonely this day made me feel and how strong I acted.
Someday while eating together you will see how normal and clumsy I am. I will narrate to you about the one particular day which I spent noticing how I am alive only because I am breathing, and then I will tell you of the times I tried to stop breathing.
Someday while walking under the noon sun along the shady road, I will describe to you the ways in which I cried and the amount of tears I had to shed in silence to drain out my emotions.
Someday while lying down together on the grass, I will explain you how I changed from the girl who loved dressing like a bride to the girl who no more bothers to look into the mirror.
Someday I will show you how I stayed alive in this skin, laughing and smiling so that I can be that one person for people to lean on, for I knew how it feels when no one understands the depth of our wounds.
Someday when I see you, I will spill out all the hurt buried in my chest and make sure you spill out yours. We can be friends, or be lovers or just be the missing person in our lives.
Someday when I see you, we will be all OKAY.


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