Berhampur Raahgiri Day

An Introduction : Raahgiri day – the day where the whole city comes together to showcase its talent and unique aspects. Raahgiri day was first organized in Gurgaon in the year 2013. Every Sunday a part of the road is closed for vehicles and throughout the road people showcase unique talents, stage shows, street arts etc. Here is the wiki link :

Berhampur Raahgiri : Berhampur – The Silk city of Odisha celebrated its first Raahgiri day on 10th April,2016. Very few people were aware of the ongoing event but as the weeks proceeded many people gathered from around the city to witness Berhampur as never before. The event is organized from the junction near the Baptist Church, Giri Road and stretches through the road connecting Sashi Bhusan Rath Government Women’s college, Khallikote Autonomous College and continues on Town Hall Road till the PVN Rao petrol pump. The Silk city – Berhampur whirls up with smiles and laughter throughout this stretch of road as different events are organized.

As we start from near the church, we see people doing yoga, then as we move forward we see a group of students skating, then we have the sand art, street show, rangoli, and a stage to display Berhampur’s dancing and singing talent. We also have a camp for BP and sugar level checkup, which is a very wise movement as many people neglect their check-ups. As we move ahead we have the boxing group of Berhampur, then an artist painting his message, and many more. I am sharing the photos I have captured to give you a glimpse of Berhampur when people unite 🙂

Photos from second Raahgiri Day (17th April,2016)

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Photos from fourth Raahgiri Day ( 1st may,2016)

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Being a Berhampurian living for over a year in another city, I missed my city but Raahgiri Day made my visit special, my moments with my family and friends memorable. I stay in a joint family and coming from a family which has many kids of age group 5-12, I witnessed the enthusiasm in the kids face, their eagerness to show their talent in front of people to get appreciated. My smaller Cousin is 8years old. Seeing so many people doing something or the other she decided to show her hula hooping talent and so she did. People enjoyed it and she was happy with people’s response. She has got her admirers and now she awaits every Sunday to visit Raahgiri and also she plans to dance when she gets a chance 🙂

This is her:



Stay connected through Raahgiri Day and join in the celebration with hundred other Berhampurians.
Special mention to Berhampur Police and Municipality who do a great work in controlling the vehicles and providing with other facilities.
Thank you.



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