Guiding Myself.

My dear self,
First of all you should know that I love you a lot. There would be no time on earth I would stop doing so. My life’s been quite overwhelming in the period when I was supposed to be going to college and enjoying adulthood. None-the-less I don’t regret any of it now, infact I feel grateful because that period shaped me into who I really am. These are few things I want you to remember..
1. First love yourself. Be generous and kind to yourself. Don’t let anyone define who you are. Create yourself wisely.
2. Never ever give up on Family. Family is a life long possession. Stay together in thick and thin.
3. No one can ever replace parents. Start valuing them right at this moment.
4. Recognize the value of people. People are good. Always put them before material things. Spend time with them.
5. When in pain, remember nothing is permanent.
6. Learn to forgive people and move ahead of a situation that you can’t control but don’t forget what they teach you.
7. Smile more often, crack joke every now and then. Don’t stress. Life is meant to be easy not hard.
8. Try to help everyone you come across in your life, in some way or the other.
9. There will be moments in life where you will be all alone wanting desperately for someone to console you. Remember you are your best friend.
10. Read a lot of books, talk with variety of people, learn an art, dance and sing, travel, create good memories. In the end memories matter not money.

Be your awesome self and last but not the least make sure that before you depart from this world there are atleast 5 people Smiling just because of you.

Love you forever.