She has got the looks man! This small, little, cute, inagruably innocent face is a trap. Once you take them into your arms, done! Now you can never frown or be angry. You will through out make “kuchi kuchiku” faces and the people those who have seen your grave serious face will be smiling in the corner of their lips at the discovery of your tender heart and it’s weakness.
Cuteness is a weapon but it’s a good one đŸ™‚


That someone!


IMG_20160212_085903Sometimes we meet a person with whom we share our deepest thoughts, most horrible secrets, and be brutally honest knowing that we will be understood and that we will get a responsible reaction. With them our soul doesn’t hide, with them we need not lead a life of lie. With them we realize what we are and what we are not. That’s the one person we should treasure for life ‘Coz such people happen very rarely.

The Artsy Girl

PhotoGrid_1455098479294She is a tornado, trust me ‘coz she can’t be chained.
Like the thoughts in your mind, Her soul wanders every where.
She will be racing the time, climbing every obstacle. Making it big.

She will break down to the point of hopelessness,
And just when you are about to grin at her weakness,
Gathering herself from a pile of nothing, She will create everything around her.

A lover of art, she is a wild lover.
Once you feel it, her soul, you can’t help but to make it a part of you.
She will leave her impression on you like skin on the meat, loving you in every artistic way possible.
And then you will never be able to forgive yourself to have encountered such love ‘coz you know you can never find it again,
She is a risk ‘coz she is an addiction.


clicked during my trip to Phulbani

Grab my hand, hold it real tight.


Let’s disappear in this vast land,

Don’t worry, trust me.

We don’t have to live like anyone,

We will live like us, the Real Us.

Let’s promise to love our lives…

We will make sure to keep our promises, each single one with every bit of it.

Let’s live forever till our little infinity fills our hearts with all the love it could contain,

Let’s live until love outreaches our existence.

A letter to self on this New Year.

Dear Me,

Let it be different this time. Don’t just roll on the scales of life forgetting how to be an artist, An Artist at life. May all those years that you spent surviving in this body be worthwhile. Go back in time, go up in time, keep moving but don’t get stuck in the wrong moments. Wrong moments suck the breath out of your entire existence. Choose wisely whether you want small meaningless happy moments that won’t even kick through your nerves or you want the long meaningful happy moments that pull the chord of your soul.


Run, grab yourself, push through, this can be the best chance you get. Don’t you just sit there staring blankly at the New Year poster and try to plan out everything, plans never work. We plan for things that we don’t wanna do and we act for things that we wanna do. So act ‘coz you can’t lose it, not right now where time slips through your fingers like water.

I hope you remember I always have been in love with you.

Best wishes.