Flow with Life

You open up to someone,

Letting them blend in your skin.

Every touch of their skin,

And you engrave each sense of yours with their feel.

Then the inevitable comes “The Change”.

But you hold on so tight that you incinerate every sense of yours.

You try to flow, you try to move on,

But you didn’t really let go of that one twig.

Release it, let the current drive you.

Let life’s  wing spread.  

The senses will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes,

Renewed with energy, renewed with boundless love.

Flow like the water, don’t resist

And a present will come where the love will unveil itself…




I sat by the crooked window,
Looking onto the forbidden meadow,
At the horizon started my memory lane,
And it rained till I turned insane.

I gazed onto the horizon for long,
Sometimes I hummed the song ,
At another I read it quite straight,
For the drops brought memories with all its might.

The mellifluous sound of the rain,
came with the moments of lust, of pain,
Stretching my longing for ‘that land’ ,
Through the smell of the wetting sand.

As the child from the far away village cried,
Yet another illicit feeling arised,
So to end the myriad of confusion,
Once again I slept for a while in delusion.


I pause in the middle of the book that I read under the afternoon sun sitting upright on the muddish white chair with legs folded..
I pause amongst the crowd of gossips under the roof with yellow paint..
I pause at the music of the song after the lyrics slowly goes back into silence..
I pause by the Sea side while playing with the water around a group of people whom I think I know…
This pause isn’t characterized by staying still like an Idol, this is a moment of pause where every reasons of my life cease to exist and I just wander off into the quite hole that appears out of no where and seems like it will stay till eternity. This is where everything calms down and I just ask myself ” Am I on the right path?”.
And then the pause breaks, I look around and say “may be I am.” .

Numbered are your days.

Numbered are your days

thou shall remember whenever you seeketh revenge,

Numbered are your days

Be the hand that giveth happiness

whenever someone asketh for it,

Numbered are your days

Chase thou dreams

till you sleep the most peaceful sleep,

Numbered are your days

Be thy magnificient self

Love thy inner self,

Numbered are your days

Help thy people

Coz thou not know how many number thy people days are.

Numbered are the days.


Lying on the grass in this deceitful night,

Under the sky bleeding with hopeful stars,

In an attempt to escape from my harrowing loneliness,

I start to draw joining the stars.

I draw circles, squares, umbrellas, buildings, candies, hats, bells, smiles and on and on…

As the moment within the “parenthesis” passes,

A very dear face pops up in the dark canvas of sky,

Blurring my shapes, setting them aside.

Once again I am incarcerated in the pain,

“My loved one I miss you”, I cry.

Every drop of my blood races to heal my aching heart,

And instructs my mind to run from the memories of the dead.

As I run, My parenthesis starts again and I go on drawing playing into the night……….